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This questionnaire is being conducted by the Puget Sound Partnership (PSP). The purpose of this questionnaire is to get feedback from you about whether you think actions are currently being taken that are inconsistent with the Action Agenda for Puget Sound recovery.

This questionnaire fulfills a portion of the PSP's statutory mandate: to "…determine whether implementing entities are taking actions consistent with the action agenda…" (RCW 90.71.350(2)).

PSP adopted the first Puget Sound Action Agenda in 2008 (and made minor amendments in 2009) and is currently engaged in developing a 2011 Update to the Action Agenda. This questionnaire asks your opinion about consistency with the 2008/2009 ACTION AGENDA.

How the Information Will Be Used

Your responses will be carefully analyzed and an overview of responses will be presented to the Puget Sound Leadership Council meeting on October 20-21. The full text of each response will also be available to the Leadership Council. This information will be used to inform any changes to the draft 2011 Action Agenda which is scheduled to be released for public comment in mid December. The information will also be available to implementing entities as they consider the need for any modifications to their activities.


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Please identify actions that you believe are inconsistent with the 2008/2009 ACTION AGENDA. You will be able to identify up to 10 inconsistent actions, or you can respond that you have no inconsistent actions to report.

Focus on the Big Picture

Please note that this questionnaire is not intended to focus on individual permit decisions, but rather on higher level programmatic or policy issues (which may or may not affect permit decisions).


Please refer to the following definitions as you respond to the questions:

"Action" means a program, policy, funding decision, or activity. An action can also mean the lack of an expected activity. Keep in mind the need to 'Focus on the big picture'—see above.

"Action Agenda" means the Puget Sound Partnership's 2008 ACTION AGENDA AS UPDATED MAY 29, 2009, referred to as the 2008/2009 ACTION AGENDA.

"Action Agenda strategy" is a specific topic area of focus within the Action Agenda. These are numbered A1 through E4 in Table 4-2 of the 2008/2009 ACTION AGENDA.

"Inconsistency" refers to an action that is contrary to the letter or spirit of an element of the 2008/2009 ACTION AGENDA, or will hinder or is incompatible with the achievement of a goal, objective (RCW 90.71.300), or strategic priority. Examples might include: exemptions, variances, lot vesting, etc.