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This page provides downloads of the draft update to the Puget Sound Action Agenda and Biennial Science Workplan. The Action Agenda is presented in two sections. Section 1 is an executive summary overview of priority work for the next two years. Section 2 contains the details about how recovery targets were set, strategies and action development, the role of science, climate change, and the strategies, ongoing programs, and near-term actions and their performance measures, plus the 11 local profiles and their related strategic priorities and actions. The Biennial Science Workplan contains strategies and actions to support the Action Agenda.

This draft represents an almost year-long effort on the part of hundreds of experts from Tribal governments, state and federal agencies, local jurisdictions and governments, academia, business interests, environmental interests and non-governmental organizations, and concerned residents of the Puget Sound region.

It is a significant improvement over the previous Action Agenda – with new recovery targets, a more robust set of strategies and clearer, more measurable actions, explicit inclusion of local priorities and actions, a clearer scientific basis, and a new approach at distinguishing the work of ongoing programs.

At the same time, we know there is room, and need, for continued refinement. We ask that you give it a critical review – the recovery plan for Puget Sound has to serve multiple needs and many saudiences, and we need your input to balance all those interests as effectively as possible.

As you review, we ask that you pay particular attention to:

  1. The strategies and sub-strategies. Does this create a framework we can continue to work within for future Action Agenda updates; is all the work that will be needed to protect and recover Puget Sound in the long run reflected?
  2. The proposed near-term actions. Are they clear? Do they have appropriate and clear ownership and performance measures? And, most importantly, do they truly represent the change agenda needed to protect and recover Puget Sound?
  3. The presentation of ongoing programs. Are there critical gaps? Is there a better way to present this information?
  4. The target views and results chain diagrams. Are the strategies, sub-strategies and near-term actions outlined here really going to accomplish what is needed to reach the recovery targets or are there gaps? Do the results chain diagrams clearly illustrate the basis for work and the theory of change behind proposed actions? Have we shown our work clearly enough and does it seem right?
  5. The proposed approach to prioritization. One of the key tensions in the Action Agenda is the balance between the need to hold all the work that is required to protect and restore Puget Sound and, at the same time, show a clear sense of the priority actions. Is the proposed approach going to result in priorities that will truly serve the ecosystem, and that the region can rally around as the critical places to invest increasingly scarce resources? How do local and regional priorities correspond to each other?

The Partnership is accepting comments through February 3, 2012. Comments may be submitted to or by mail at Puget Sound Partnership, 326 E D Street, Tacoma, WA 98421.

Draft Action Agenda Update

  • To view the Executive Summary – Answering the Call to Action, click here
  • To view the draft Action Agenda update as one file, click here
  • To view the outline of all strategies and sub-strategies for the draft Action Agenda update, click here
  • To view a summary table of near-term actions for all strategies in the draft Action Agenda update, click here

Below are separate links to each section in the draft Action Agenda update.


Recovery Context: The Current Status of Puget Sound

How Do We Recover Puget Sound to Health?

Upland and Terrestrial

Marine and Nearshore

Reduce and Control the Sources of Pollution to Puget Sound

Strategic Leadership and Collaboration

Funding Strategy

Local Profiles, Priorities and Actions


Draft Biennial Science Workplan

To view the entire draft Biennial Science Work Plan as one file, click here


To view the anticipated outline of all strategies and sub-strategies for the 2011 Action Agenda update, click here.

To view a summary table of draft near term actions for all Soundwide strategies for the 2011 Action Agenda update, click here.

For more information on strategies, actions, and how they will be developed, click here.

How can I participate in updates to the Action Agenda?

The Partnership will be working closely with key stakeholders and experts and conducting outreach on priorities for key strategies and actions. In addition, there will be online engagement opportunities for anyone interested in providing ideas and input to the Partnership. For more information about

If you have comments or questions on this information, please email