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Performance Management

The Puget Sound Partnership is building a performance management system to track implementation of the Action Agenda and to communicate progress in improving the health of the Puget Sound. The primary goal of the system is to provide the information needed by citizens and their representatives to know whether current policies or investments of public resources are bringing positive changes to the health of the Puget Sound ecosystem. As the performance management system matures, the information will support constructive dialogue and problem solving around the many issues and challenges that will emerge along the way to meeting the Governor’s goal of a healthy Puget Sound by 2020.

The Puget Sound Partnership is using a methodology called the “Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation” to put the Action Agenda into a performance management framework. For more information, please see This framework aligns well with the Governor’s management framework for state agencies, but is tailored to meet the unique needs of managing the complex policy and science questions involved in managing a large ecosystem restoration project. For more information on the Governor’s management framework, please see

The first step in the building of the performance management system is to find the best things to measure to communicate the status of the ecosystem as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of Action Agenda implementation. Building on the work done to develop the Action Agenda in 2008 and to produce the State of the Sound report this year, the Partnership will be working collaboratively through the spring of 2010 to develop performance measures for the Action Agenda.

Technical Memos Related to Performance Management:

In late 2009, Partnership staff prepared a series of technical memoranda that detail important advancements toward having the performance management system assembled and informing strategic budget decisions by May 2010. The three memoranda focus on the application of the framework provided by the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation.  The parts of the framework addressed in these memoranda include:

Identification of Ecosystem Components and Their Indicators and Targets(PDF)

Using Results Chains to Develop Objectives and Performance Measures for the 2008 Action Agenda (DOCX)

Identification, Definition and Rating of Threats to the Recovery of Puget Sound (PDF)

We solicited feedback on the initial work products presented in these technical memos.   The feedback the Partnership received will be used to both refine the material presented and to help us set a prioritized work plan that will focus our work on building the performance management system.

The work presented in these memoranda is the result of several months of intense work by Partnership staff and numerous contributors from a range of other entities committed to the success of the Action Agenda. The Partnership extends our thanks to these contributors, who are specifically noted in the respective documents, and to their home organizations for making their contributions possible.

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