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Powel family breaks ground with public-private partnership

Restoration of more than a quarter-mile of privately owned Bainbridge Island shoreline advances Puget Sound recovery


BAINBRIDGE ISLAND – On the shores of Port Madison Bay, the Powel family, Bainbridge Island Land Trust, and Puget Sound Partnership broke ground on a unique public-private partnership to restore more than 1,500 feet of natural shorelines. The Powel Shoreline Restoration Project will increase essential habitat for salmon, forage fish, and aquatic species by 163 percent within the property area.

“Voluntary partnerships are the cornerstone of Puget Sound recovery,” said Sen. Christine Rolfes (D-23rd District). “Thanks to the Puget Sound Partnership and Bainbridge Island Land Trust, we’re seeing the benefits of coordination among families, community organizations, and public agencies. By working together, regionally and locally, we are prioritizing projects and finding creative, cost-effective ways to cleanup, restore, and protect our beaches and waterways.”

The Puget Sound Partnership is the state agency leading and coordinating Puget Sound recovery.
The Bainbridge Island Land Trust works to preserve and provide stewardship of the island’s diverse natural environment.

“I’ve sailed around Puget Sound and have seen the beauty and benefits of undeveloped, naturally functioning shorelines,” said landowner Jake Powel. “We are excited for the opportunity to remove bulkheads, restore habitat, and improve beach access.”

The Powel family has resided on the property since 1954. 1,800 lineal feet of the property’s shoreline is hardened with concrete, creosote logs and other materials. Approximately 70 percent of the modified shoreline is failing or in poor condition.

Development pressures and permitted activities have altered the natural functions of shorelines throughout Puget Sound region. Restoring marine near shore habitat is a key component of the Action Agenda, the regional recovery strategy for Puget Sound. The Partnership coordinates local, state, federal and tribal governments, businesses, landowners, conservation and non-profit organizations to work together and implement the Action Agenda.

“I applaud the Powel family for their leadership and willingness to partner on a project that will benefit, in perpetuity, the community and entire Puget Sound region,” said Rep. Sherry Appleton, (D-23rd District).

“Every member of the Powel family has been involved in this project, showing a strong love and devotion for their property and Puget Sound,” said Brenda Padgham, Project Coordinator for the Bainbridge Island Land Trust. “This restoration work will achieve a balance of property owner needs and habitat restoration goals necessary to recover salmon and other endangered species throughout Puget Sound.”

The Bainbridge Island Land Trust identified the property as a restoration opportunity and is working with the Powel family to implement the restoration project. The Partnership convened and coordinated the West Sound Watersheds Council, one of 14 Puget Sound watershed organizations, to evaluate, prioritize and help secure project funding.

“It’s exciting to see everyone coming together to do some good for Puget Sound,” said Anthony Wright, Executive Director of the Puget Sound Partnership. “Puget Sound is going to be healthy again because of people like the Powel family, the Land Trust, and regulatory entities all working together.”

Funding for the project is provided by the Powel family, the Land Trust, and the State of Washington's Puget Sound Acquisition and Restoration (PSAR) fund, which is administered by the Salmon Recovery Funding Board and appropriated by the Legislature. PSAR began in 2007 as a keystone component of the bi-partisan launch of the Partnership. The purpose of the fund is to advance science-based, locally prioritized projects to restore the most important Puget Sound habitat.

“We appreciate this unique opportunity to restore a large segment of privately owned shoreline and the value the many organizations helping ensure this effort is a success,” said Asha Rehnberg, Executive of the Bainbridge Island Land Trust.

Project partners include:

“This is a great project to restore shoreline and help clean up Puget Sound," said Rep. Drew Hansen (D-23rd District).



Michael Grayum, Puget Sound Partnership, (360) 628-1907,
Brenda Padgham, Bainbridge Island Land Trust, (206) 842-1216,

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