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Puget Sound Starts Here Month focuses on Puget Sound's beauty, health

How do we love thee, Puget Sound, let us count the ways. You provide food, fabulous views, jobs, and ways to play. It can be easy to take Puget Sound’s health for granted, but shrinking salmon runs and a struggling orca population say otherwise.

Gov. Jay Inslee issued a proclamation announcing May as Puget Sound Starts Here Month and encourages all citizens to take action to improve the health of Puget Sound.

“It’s not just about the pipe coming out of the factory anymore,” said Marc Daily, interim executive director of the Puget Sound Partnership. “Today, stormwater runoff is the single largest contributor to our water quality problems. That pollution comes from our cars and how we wash them, from the chemicals we put on our lawns, and from not picking up after our pets. When it rains, bacteria and toxic chemicals from these and other sources end up in our local waterways. That’s a problem.”

The goal of Puget Sound Starts Here is to raise awareness of how our everyday actions impact this place where we live, work and play. From the snowcaps to the whitecaps, our food, water and livelihoods are threatened by pollution and the increasing impacts of climate change.

A healthy Puget Sound is not only critical to our natural environment, it’s an integral part of growing our economy and creating jobs. Billions of dollars in economic activity are created in the Puget Sound region through tourism, working waterfronts, fishing and shellfish industries, and world-class businesses that choose to locate here because of the Puget Sound and the quality of life it provides.

What you can do:


To learn about local activities and how you can help keep the Puget Sound watershed healthy for generations to come, visit

To learn more about the regional effort to restore and protect Puget Sound, visit the Puget Sound Partnership’s website at

About the Partnership
The Puget Sound Partnership is the state agency leading the recovery of Puget Sound. The Partnership coordinates the efforts of citizens, governments, tribes, scientists, businesses and nonprofits to set priorities, implement a regional recovery plan and ensure accountability for results. 

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