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Statement by Partnership's director on NOAA announcing Puget Sound orcas will remain protected

“We applaud NOAA’s decision today to continue to protect Southern Resident Killer Whales under the Endangered Species Act. This distinct population of orcas once numbered more than 200, but today includes barely more than 80 members of pods J, K and L,” said Marc Daily, interim executive director of the Puget Sound Partnership. “This unique population of orcas that call the Salish Sea home rely on Chinook salmon for a majority of their diet, making the region’s priorities to advance ecosystem and salmon recovery essential to orca survival.”
“We will continue to work closely with our partners around the region to provide an environment where healthy orcas, healthy salmon, and healthy humans can thrive for generations to come.”
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The Puget Sound Partnership is the organization leading the recovery of Puget Sound. The Partnership coordinates the efforts of citizens, governments, tribes, scientists, businesses and nonprofits to set priorities, implement a regional recovery plan and ensure accountability for results. For more information, go to

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