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Leadership Council approves ranked state budget and policy priorities

TACOMA, WA — The Puget Sound Partnership’s Leadership Council approved a ranked list of state agency supplemental budget requests and state and federal policy priorities to advance Puget Sound restoration and protection.

“Prioritizing investments is critical to unifying our region around the highest priorities for Puget Sound and helping our leaders make the most of limited resources,” said Ron Sims, Leadership Council Vice Chair and former King County Executive.

The Partnership coordinated with the Office of Financial Management to independently prioritize and rank state agency budget proposals. The ranked list reflects the priorities in the Action Agenda, the federally approved regional plan to restore the health of Puget Sound.

“By continuing to work together as a region, we will advance Puget Sound recovery and protect its economic, environmental, and cultural assets for generations to come,” said Marc Daily, Interim Executive Director of the Puget Sound Partnership.

These priorities have been delivered to the Governor’s Office. The Governor will submit his supplemental budget request to the Legislature in the next few weeks. The policy priorities will be used to guide the Leadership Council in supporting the mutual interests of local partner organizations during the state and federal legislative sessions. The 2014 state legislative session begins Jan. 13.

2014 Puget Sound funding priorities are ranked as follows:

1. Local Government Planning Support, Department of Commerce
2. Beach Monitoring Fund Shift, Department of Ecology
3. (tie) Road Maintenance and Abandonment Planning, Department of Natural Resources
3. (tie) Culvert Injunction Requirements, Department of Fish & Wildlife
5. Managing Aquatic Invasive Species, Department of Fish & Wildlife
6. Rail-vessel Oil Spill Risk, Department of Ecology
7. CERB Urban Economic Development Loans, Department of Commerce
8. Water Pollution Control Revolving Program, Department of Ecology
9. Addressing Livestock Inputs, State Conservation Commission
10. Voluntary Stewardship Program, State Conservation Commission
11. Remedial Action Grants, Department of Ecology
12. Compliance with Product Laws, Department of Ecology
13. Clean-up Toxic Sites – Puget Sound, Department of Ecology
14. Forest, Fish & Adaptive Management, Department of Natural Resources
15. Public Works Trust Fund Preconstruction, Department of Commerce
16. Expand Cleanup Capacity, Department of Ecology
17. Implement Puget Sound District Activities, State Conservation Commission

2014 Puget Sound state and federal policy priorities



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