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Statement from the Puget Sound Partnership regarding the 2015 Climate Change in Puget Sound report

"To protect Puget Sound, we need to plan for the ever-increasing impacts of climate change," said Sheida R. Sahandy, Executive Director of the Puget Sound Partnership. "This report helps us better understand the very real pressures we will face over the coming decades. The effects of climate change impact every part of what we consider necessary for a healthy Puget Sound: clean water, abundant water quantity, human wellbeing, and a Puget Sound habitat that can support our native species. We must be better prepared for the changes we are already seeing. Together, we can create a resilient Puget Sound."

Climate change highlights from the 2015 State of the Sound: Report on the Puget Sound Vital Signs and the 2015 State of Knowledge: Climate Change in Puget Sound, include the following:

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2015 State of the Sound

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