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Science at the Partnership

The Puget Sound Partnership is developing a strategic science program to support the science-based recovery of the Puget Sound ecosystem by 2020.  

The Partnership’s Science Panel and the science staff of the Partnership’s executive director lead the development and implementation of this program.  

The Partnership’s efforts to ensure the science basis of ecosystem recovery efforts are described on this site in pages addressing:

Puget Sound Partnership Science Panel: provides independent, nonrepresentational advice to the Partnership, ensures integration of scientific information relevant to ecosystem recovery, and oversees the peer review of the scientific underpinnings of the Partnership’s recovery efforts.

Puget Sound Science Update: will be the state-of-the science document supporting the work of the Partnership to restore and protect the Puget Sound ecosystem.

Strategic Science Plan: provides the overall framework of specific science activities necessary to support Puget Sound ecosystem protection and restoration under the Puget Sound Partnership's Action Agenda.

Biennial Science Work Plan: lays out the near-term science program initiatives and activities in the context of the two-year budget cycle. Summary of Science Related Comments on the Action Agenda and Biennial Science Work Plan for the Puget Sound Partnership

State of the Sound:The Partnership is required to produce a State of the Sound report every two years. The statutory reporting requirements are to document the current status of the ecosystem, as well as status of implementation and funding. This information can be used to inform decisions about changes to funding, programs, or policies that might accelerate the regional progress towards ecosystem recovery, including more efficient use of resources.

Additional information about science programs and activities are available from our page on science resources.

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