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Puget Sound Science Update

The Puget Sound Partnership has developed the Puget Sound Science Update to present a state-of-the-science synthesis to support efforts to restore and protect the Puget Sound ecosystem. This document includes the following chapters to describe and discuss scientific understanding of the lands, waters, and human social systems within the Puget Sound ecosystem:

Chapters 1 through 4 are available as a downloadable file (PDF 20MB) and as a web-published document.

The synthesis (PDF) and implications for policy makers (PDF) documents are available as downloadable files.

Over time, the Puget Sound Science Update will be developed to provide comprehensive reporting and analysis of scientific findings and understandings synthesized to support the science-based ecosystem-scale restoration of Puget Sound.

The materials presented in this initial publication of the Puget Sound Science Update will be used to launch an ongoing collaboration to expand the scope and refine and update the content of the Update.

To comment on the published version of the Puget Sound Science Update or to recieve information about refinements, please send an e-mail to

Creating the 2010 Puget Sound Science Update

Chapters 1 through 4 of the 2010 Puget Sound Science Update were developed using an authorship and peer-review process modeled on that used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Small groups convened to author draft reports synthesizing existing, peer-reviewed scientific information on specific topics identified by policy leaders. Author groups were identified following an open solicitation in 2009. Sections were peer-reviewed and revised by author teams before being published here.

The Puget Sound Partnership’s science advisor led a small group of the section authors to develop the synthesis document, which provides a synopsis of Chapters 1 through 4. The authors anticipate submitting a modified version of this document for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

In late 2010, the Puget Sound Partnership’s Science Panel developed a short report on the implications of the Puget Sound Science Update for policy makers. This document was used as the centerpiece of a science-policy discussion that the Science Panel convened on December 14, 2010 with members of the Partnership’s Leadership Council and Ecosystem Coordination Board. The information in the Puget Sound Science Update and the science-policy discussion that it fostered helped set the Partnership direction on target setting and incorporation of social sciences into ecosystem recovery efforts.

Collaborating to Expand, Refine, and Update the Puget Sound Science Update

The Science Panel of the Puget Sound Partnership envisions development of future iterations of the Puget Sound Science Update through on-line collaboration in an authors’ wiki. The authors’ wiki, which is currently under development, will provide a venue for moderated dialog among an expanding group of qualified authors. Chapter or section editors will moderate the dialog, oversee independent peer review, and periodically recommend new and revised sections for publication in the on-line Puget Sound Science Update.

The collaboration of scientists and other science-interested individuals is intended to support an improvement over time in the quality of scientific information available to support Puget Sound ecosystem recovery efforts.

If you are interested in joining this scientific collaboration, please send an e-mail to The moderator will consider your request and correspond with you about next steps.

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