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The following ESA and salmon recovery web sites are maintained externally. They may contain information pertinent to the recovery of salmon in the Puget Sound region.

General Information

The Endangered Species Act
Tri-county Salmon Information Center

Local Government

City of Seattle Salmon Friendly Practices
King County Salmon Recovery Plan
Snohomish County Salmon Recovery Home Page
Whatcom Salmon Recovery

Watershed Planning Groups

Dungeness River Management Team
Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association
Quilcene-Snow Creek Watershed Assessment of WRIA 17
Skagit Watershed Council
WRIA 1–Watershed Management Project
WRIA 1–Whatcom County
WRIA 5 –Stillaguamish Watershed Salmon Conservation Planning
WRIA 7 –Snohomish Basin Salmon Conservation Planning
WRIA 8 Watershed Planning Web Page
WRIA 9 Watershed Planning Web Page


Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission

State Government

Governor's Salmon Recovery Office
Puget Sound Water Quality Action Team
Salmon Recovery Funding Board
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Hatchery Genetic Management Plans
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Salmon Recovery
Washington Sate Department of Ecology
Washington State Department of Ecology–Watershed Planning

Federal Government

NMFS Salmon ESA Web Site
National Marine Fisheries Service
National Marine Fisheries Service, Northwest Regional Center
NOAA/NMFS/NWFSC Northwest Salmon Recovery Planning
Northwest Fisheries Science Center's Cumulative Risk Initiative
Puget Sound TRT
US Fish and Wildlife Service
US Fish and Wildlife Service Pacific Region
USGS Water Resources for Washington State

Regional Organizations

Hood Canal Coordinating Council
Pacific Fishery Management Council

Non-Governmental Organizations

Long Live the Kings
Mid-Puget Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group
People for Salmon
Salmon Corps
Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group
Soul Salmon
Trout Unlimited
Washington Trout
Wild Olympic Salmon


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