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Ecosystem Coordination Board

The Ecosystem Coordination Board's main role is to advise the Puget Sound Partnership’s Leadership Council on carrying out its responsibilities. The Board is made up of 27 individuals representing specific interests around the Sound.

For questions about the Partnership's Councils, Boards and Panels contact :
Dominique Hampton, Special Assistant, 360.628.2423

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Call for Applications for Nomination to the Puget Sound Partnership Ecosystem Coordination Board: ENVIRONMENTAL REPRESENTATIVE
DUE: October 5, 2015

Learn more about the Ecosystem Coordination Board.

Meeting Summaries | By Laws | ECB Funding Subcommittee Final Report Volume 1 (September 2014) | ECB Funding Subcommittee Final Report Volume 2 (September 2014)

Start and end times depend on agenda needs, but meetings generally begin at 10 a.m. and adjourn by 3 p.m. For approximate start and end times for a particular meeting, see the proposed agenda – usually posted online one week prior to the meeting.

Chair: Dave Somers

Vice Chair: Dave Herrera

Representing the Action Areas:

Strait of Juan de Fuca
Steve Tharinger,
Action Area Representative

San Juan / Whatcom
Jamie Stephens
¸ Action Area Representative (San Juan LIO)
Bill Knutzen, Ex Officio Representative (Whatcom LIO)

Ron Wesen, Skagit County Commissioner

North Central Puget Sound
Charlotte Garrido,
Kitsap County Commissioner

South Central Puget Sound
Dow Constantine, King County

South Puget Sound
Dan Wrye
, Pierce County

Hood Canal
Teri King
, Washington Sea Grant

Representing business interests

  • Gary Chandler, Association of Washington Business

Representing small business interests

  • Bill Dewey, Taylor Shellfish

Representing cities

  • Will Hall, City of Shoreline

Representing counties

  • Dave Somers, Snohomish County Councilman

Representing environmental interests

  • Chris Wilke, Puget Soundkeeper Alliance
  • Joan Crooks, Washington Environmental Council

Representing federal agencies

  • Will Stelle, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Rick Parkin, Environmental Protection Agency
  • Col. John G. Buck, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Representing legislative caucuses

  • Steve Litzow, R, 41st District
    Washington State Senate
  • Christine Rolfes, D, 23rd District
    Washington State Senate
  • Strom Peterson, D, 21st District
    Washington State House of Representatives
  • Shelly Short, R, 7th District
    Washington State House of Representatives

Representing port districts

  • Bill Bryant, Port of Seattle

Representing tribal governments

  • David Troutt, Nisqually Tribe
  • Randy Kinley, Lummi Nation
  • Dave Herrera, Skokomish Tribe

Representing Washington state agencies