Action Agenda Center

What is the Action Agenda?

The Puget Sound Action Agenda is our region's shared vision for Puget Sound recovery. It identifies key ongoing programs, local priority actions for the various areas of the Sound, and specific actions that must be implemented over the next 2 years to stay on track toward recovery. The Action Agenda results from a collaboration by state and federal agencies, tribal governments, local governments, business and environmental groups, and others. It also serves as the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan, required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for estuaries of national significance.

Why do we need an Action Agenda?

The Action Agenda outlines the regional strategies and specific actions needed to recover Puget Sound. It helps to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Puget Sound recovery actions by providing a coordinated plan of action for those who are involved in recovery efforts. First implemented in 2008, the Action Agenda identifies priorities and opportunities for federal, state, local, tribal and private entities to invest resources and coordinate actions. Find out more >>

Who sets the Action Agenda?

Developing a master plan for Puget Sound recovery and keeping it current is a huge undertaking, involving hundreds of partners, as well as the public, on regional and local levels. The Leadership Council of the Puget Sound Partnership authorizes the final, agreed upon Action Agenda. You can be involved in the update. Find out how on our Updates and Announcements page.

Who pays for the actions outlined in the Action Agenda?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency designated Puget Sound as one of 28 estuaries of national significance under the National Estuary Program. Through this designation, the EPA provides funding to Washington state agencies as Lead Organizations and to the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission to implement the Puget Sound Action Agenda. The Washington State Legislature also appropriates money every 2 years to help with Puget Sound recovery. Local governments and non-profit organizations also contribute significantly to recovery funding.

While EPA and state funding significantly benefits Puget Sound recovery, we need to invest still more if we are to see recovery of Puget Sound.

How has the Action Agenda improved over the years?

The Action Agenda includes a framework for tracking progress toward recovery, which provides feedback about the effectiveness of the Action Agenda. This feedback is used to adapt and adjust the Action Agenda every 2 years. In this way, the Action Agenda stays current and relevant to ever-changing environmental conditions.

How the Action Agenda has been updated and modified since 2008 has improved in many ways based on feedback from partners and on the results of science research and monitoring. A major change occurred this year that will help to make sure that future Action Agenda updates address local conditions more comprehensively than in the past. In early 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency announced a new model for how it will fund recovery actions in Puget Sound.