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The Action Agenda for Puget Sound charts the course to recovery of our nation's largest estuary–it complements and incorporates the work of many partners from around Puget Sound to describe regional strategies and specific actions needed to recover Puget Sound. These strategies and actions provide opportunities for federal, state, local, tribal, and private entities to better invest resources and coordinate actions.

Download the full 2018 – 2022 Action Agenda
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What is INSIDE the 2018—2022 Action Agenda?

The Action Agenda is our region's shared strategy for Puget Sound recovery. The plan outlines the regional strategies and specific actions needed to protect and restore Puget Sound. The Action Agenda is a collective effort that is informed by science and guides effective investment in Puget Sound protection and restoration.

The Action Agenda comprises two components:

  1. The Comprehensive Plan outlines overarching strategies for successful protection and restoration. It describes how issues and activities are prioritized, progress is evaluated, and strategies and actions are adapted over time.
  2. The Implementation Plan is the action component of the Action Agenda. It defines a suite of Regional Priorities that will advance Puget Sound recovery over the next 4 years, and Near Term Action that align with them. Near Term Actions can be new, expanded, or enhanced programs, specific projects, or scientific investigations. The Implementation Planalso includes ongoing programs that are part of existing Puget Sound recovery efforts.

How does this Action Agenda advance recovery of Southern Resident orcas?

The health of the Southern Resident orcas can tell us a lot about Puget Sound. They are one of Puget Sound’s top predators and therefore rely on a healthy Puget Sound ecosystem for their survival. Since 2015, however, no Southern Resident orca newborn has survived, and the population faces the possibility of extinction. Three key threats are driving this crisis: food availability, toxic contaminants, and disturbance from noise and vessel traffic. If our Southern Residents are to survive, urgent and immediate action must happen now.

In 2018, Governor Jay Inslee formed the Southern Resident Orca Task Force to recommend the most effective short-term and long-term actions to recover orcas. In November 2018, the Task Force recommended 36 actions to address the threats to the Southern Residents.

The final recommendations of the Task Force align with the goals and strategies of the Action Agenda. The Action Agenda for Puget Sound provides a critical library of actions and programs that support the Task Force priorities for orca recovery. These actions and programs are developed, proposed, and sponsored by local and regional organizations that are ready to begin the work outlined in the Action Agenda.

Access Year 1 recommendations of the Governor’s Southern Residence Orca Task Force  


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