Puget Sound Vital signs



The Puget Sound Vital Signs are measures of ecosystem health that guide the assessment of progress toward Puget Sound recovery goals. Each of the six Puget Sound recovery goals are expressed with one or more Vital Signs that represent important components of the ecosystem (e.g. marine water, economic vitality). Each component is, in turn, represented by one or more indicators. The indicators are specific measures of Puget Sound conditions, including human wellbeing, while ecosystem recovery targets are policy statements that express desired future conditions for human health and quality of life, species and food webs, habitats, water quantity, and water quality.

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When were indicators and targets selected?

The Vital Signs are fundamental to the Partnership’s shared measurement system. The indicators were selected by the Puget Sound Partnership based on recommendations by a team of scientists convened by the Partnership in 2010. Ecosystem recovery targets were selected based on recommendations by interdisciplinary teams in 2011. In 2015, the Partnership described the scope of each Vital Signs and added specificity to the ecosystem components included in the Vital Signs. That same year, the Partnership selected Vital Signs and indicators of human wellbeing.

Vital Sign indicator selection process (drafted and implemented in 2010)
Executive Director’s statement on the scope of Vital Signs for Near-Term Actions (2015)
         Leadership Council resolution approving new human wellbeing Vital Signs and indicators (2015)

Where to find results?

The primary venue for reporting on the Puget Sound Vital Signs and the status and progress of their indicators is the Vital Sign website in the Puget Sound Info platform. The Vital Signs are also fundamental to the Puget Sound Partnership’s State of the Sound report, published every two years.

Visit the Puget Sound Vital Signs website

NEW! The Puget Sound Vital Signs and Indicators Revision Project is underway!

The Partnership, with the help of a consultant team from Ross Strategic, has begun a collaborative effort to revise the Puget Sound Vital Signs and indicators. It has been ten years since the Partnership adopted the indicators. The project incorporates learning and feedback from partners and promises an improved suite of shared measures to track and report on the health of Puget Sound. The project is part of a broader effort to develop measures of progress toward Puget Sound recovery, including near-term results delivered by projects and programs and intermediate results representing reduction of stressors that degrade the Vital Signs. Vital Sign and indicator recommendations are expected in June 2020.

Visit the Vital Sign and indicator revision project page.